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As we know our data and our chats is must need privacy. That's why RjAppsStudio Develop this one of the best App Locker App. Free App Locker is must have an app that every Android phone user should have to protect their personal data and provide the app locking function. With this Data Lock App, you can lock your Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings and any app you choose a password or pattern lock. With this Android App Locker app, Now you can secure individual apps with just one password and you don't need to worry about your private information on your phone. 

How To Use App?

- Open the App Locker App
- Permit Usage Access On
- Press Back Button Two Time
- Select Single or Multiple App that you want to Secure
- Choose Lock Type (1) Pattern Lock (2) Password Lock
- Set Pattern, Then Proceed & Press Finish.

Features :

- Lock apps with password lock, pattern lock
- Customized background, select a favorite picture
- Low memory usage
- Hide your Data or Folder
- Don't worry about your kids messing your phone up by changing the settings
- Secure your messaging, Facebook, WhatsApp
- Lock Facebook Messenger chats & Keep your data secure
- Easy File Lock
- Totally free App

Download Our Free App Locker App and Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or suggestions.
Thank you for your support!


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